Looking for concert films from dance/electronic acts...
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Help me find good electronic-type concert/live performance DVDs that don't have interruptions or interviews... It's for my kid.

The long story is:

We discovered that our young son doesn't particularly care for Baby Einstein. No worries - neither did mommy or daddy. By coincidence, we found that he did react particularly well to ... Kraftwerk's "Minimum Maximum" DVD. It captured his attention, he clapped along with the music, and he now instantly calms down any time he hears "The Man Machine". It's a godsend in traffic since we have the DVD player in the back of the van. Of course, it doesn't hurt that mommy and daddy love Kraftwerk.

So we've gone through what we have in terms of like-ish DVDs to save us in particularly hellish Baton Rouge traffic. Underworld's "Everything, Everything" does rather well but U2's "Rattle & Hum" does not. New Order's "A Collection" does well at points, but we've gotten mixed results with the Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze Director's Series DVDs.

So, for now, I guess I'm looking for concert or live-performance DVDs from electronic/dance acts that are just ... performance. No smattering of interviews or strange interruptions in the music (shame, the Soulwax concert film is out). Any ideas?

(BTW concerned parents - please don't worry about him not being well-rounded, we got that covered. He's exposed to all sorts of music, contemporary and classical. This is just a narrowly tailored request).
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Stop Making Sense comes to mind.
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I forgot to mention that. I have Stop Making Sense, and he was ... kind of so-so into it. I figured he would be more into it with so many people on stage doing different things, but he just didn't take to it quite like I almost expected. I'll give it another shot, though.
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The Beastie Boys' Ehy, I Shot That! is a concert and experimental film in one. Also,l for half of it they do their rap/electronic thing, and for the other half they do their funk/jazz thing, which is actually very good.
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Hey, I Shot That!

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Sorry again. Misremembered title. It's Awesome; I ******' Shot That!. Amazon.

I don't remember it having profanity beyond whatever the Beasties say. There might be some talking at the beginning explaining how it was filmed. They gave cameras to a bunch of the people at the concert and edited it all into the DVD.
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The Knife's Silent Shout live DVD is awesome. It's kinda creepy, but if he's not creeped out by Kraftwerk I bet he'll be into it.
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Though it looks like parts have strobe-y visuals, so maybe not the best idea after all.
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Speicus, I actually already have that - will try it. Thanks!
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I haven't seen it, so I don't know if it's suitable for a kidlet, and it's not a concert. But what about Interstella 5555, that Daft Punk animated musical thingy?
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