Need recommendation on FLASH program
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I am looking for a program that will easily allow me to create a Flash banner. All I want is to create a banner that has about 4 images fading in and out and some animated text over top. I should think this would be super easy but I am trying to find a software program to do it and I am coming up with either stuff that's way too complex or software that can't do it. Do you know of any program that would help me? (It doesn't need to be free, I can spend up to 100 USD on it).
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My suggestion is to go to your local college where they might teach Flash and ask a prof if s/he can recommend a student to do it for you. 4 images fading in and out with text over top is not that hard. This is, of course, depending on what you want the text to do. You mentioned animated. That could mean a lot. Fading crap in and out is not difficult. Having text moving left and right, up and down and fading in and out is not hard. To have individual letters moving independently of each other is. For 100 bucks, you could probably sit down with a student and s/he could import the images and animate the thing for you right there. they would be able to play it for you so you could see what you would get, then be able to tweak it. I can't predict this taking more than an hour to do, but things always take longer than you think. They would want you to have the 4 images already cut into the exact dimensions that you wanted, at the right pixel size. Any kind of photoshopping would be extra time. Good luck.
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Response by poster: I have to believe there is a Flash program out there that would allow me to figure it out on my own. I just can't seem to find a good program that has some good functionality and is easy to use.

And the text doesn't really need to animated-- I am open. All I want is some images fading in and out and text overtop.
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Try Wix.
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If you already have PowerPoint, you can make your slideshow and choose Flash as an option in the Save dialog. It doesn't do a great job of it, but maybe you can fuss with it and get something passable.
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I like BannerZest, but it's Mac only. You didn't specify your platform in the OP, but if it happens to be Mac, it's worth checking out.
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One of the Swish products should do it. There are trial versions available.
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You could also just make an animated GIF.
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Response by poster: BannerZest looks perfect-- I just wish it was for the PC

I tried the PPt route but I can't save as FLash

I'm looking into the animated Gif -- it's the fade in and fade out I can't seem to get right

I honestly thought there might be a perfect program out there that would just do it for me... to an extent.

I am still interested in any other ideas!
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Response by poster: Here-- I'll give even more info on what I am trying to achieve-- I am working on a Wordpress theme and the header needs to be 4 images that fade in and fade out. This should be so easy but I am struggling. I can't seem to get anything to work quite right.
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You don't need flash or an animated gif. You can do this with CSS and Javascript. I've used this script on a number of sites. You'll need to modify the header file of your theme and add a couple of styles to your stylesheet. You also need to upload a javascript file and, of course, the images you want to rotate. Give it a try:
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I recommend looking into chocolatepeanutbuttercup's link. It even degrades gracefully if you don't have Javascript enabled!
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nthing CSS & javascript. We have it on the potsmoking hippie site and most people think it's flash -- it ain't. We've fooled web developers (which scares me - right-click, anyone?).
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Response by poster: I like this ImageCrossFade-- it looks like what I need... or at lease it will get me closer than anything else has. The instructions are pretty clear except for where to stick the "xfade.js" Will I put it in the theme folder?
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