Metropolis music question
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What is the music that plays over the Shift Change scene near the beginning of Fritz Lang's Metropolis in the particular version of the movie that is streamed online through Would love to know composer and title... Or just info about which soundtrack is used with that version.

I know there are lots of versions and lots of soundtracks -- And I'm not coming up with any answers after lots of searching. The picture netflix shows as the DVD cover for the version they stream is of an edition that is supposed to involve the original 1927 soundtrack, yet I can watch other replays of the scene on youtube that also say they use the original soundtrack, and this tune is definitely not involved. At the end of the movie there are no credits, and the info on doesn't mention the score.

My husband and I also feel that we've heard the music before, possibly in a commercial. We can't place it though.
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That's Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije Suite.
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This sounded extremely close and led me to the right answer, thank you so much. After some youtube wandering, I found that the piece I was looking for was Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet.
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Ah. In the version that netflix is feeding me, it's The Birth of Kije from the opening credits on through the "Day Shift" title card and the bit where the two cohorts of workers pass each other coming and going. When they emerge from the elevator car, pretty much right at the 4 minute mark, it cuts over to the Dance of the Knights, indeed.

There's a ©2009 Allied Artists in the opening credits, which was a bit surprising, since I thought Allied was long-dead. Apparently someone has revived the brand. Oddly, even they don't mention having released a version of Metropolis recently, though.

This may go down as a black mark against me, but my first experience of Metropolis was the 80's Giorgio Moroder semi-colorized rock version, and I loved that soundtrack. I gather it's aged rather dramatically in the intervening 25 years, however, and may not be nearly as awesome as it once seemed.
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mumkin: you are not alone. And I am not ashamed.

The soundtrack's out of print, but, Amazon has the MP3s.
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