Title of a book about a woman and a stolen painting conspiracy on September 11?
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Do you know the title or author of the book I started reading about a woman and a stolen painting conspiracy on September 11?

I started reading this book at a friend's parent's house a year or so ago and got almost half-way through before we had to leave. Stupidly, I didn't think to write down the title or the author. It's been bugging me ever since, I'd like to know how the story ends.

(I've now learned my lesson, and make sure to take a photo of the cover of any book that even remotely interests me on my phone.)

The last time we spoke to our friend's parents, they couldn't remember the book either, aside from that it was most likely borrowed off a friend and they didn't really enjoy it.

From what I can remember:

It was fictional and about a female protagonist, who I think worked for a shipping company or insurance agency in New York. She get's fired just before, or possibly on, September 11. A painting that her company is handling goes missing. She figures out that it's a big conspiracy for the company to steal the painting, or claim it's insurance or something, and heads out to Paris (I think) to intercept it.

I have tried searching the various phrases on Google, Google Books, Amazon, and asking at my local library and bookshop without success.

Can anyone please help me out here, or am I doomed to be haunted by this book forever?

Thanks for reading :)
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Googling "novel stolen painting 9/11" suggests False Impression by Jeffrey Archer
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Definitely False Impression by Jeffrey Archer, have a copy on my bookshelf.
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Yes, that's it! Thank you very much for your help.

I thought I'd tried everything I could think of, but was searching with the term "September 11" rather than "9/11" (I'm not from the US, so am not used to the dates being written like that, hence why it didn't spring to mind). My incorrect "Paris" keyword probably wasn't helping my case either...

Thank you once again :)
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