CS4 upgrade confusion makes my wallet cry
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Is there really a difference between the upgrade and upsell versions of CS4?

Now that I finally have an up-to-date system, I need to upgrade my ancient version of CS1 to CS4. Therein lies some confusion...

I see that Amazon offers the CS4 Design Premium suite in both upgrade and upsell versions. Is there really any difference inside the box between the two? The upsell price is pretty darn breathtaking and I'd love to avoid spending the dough if I can. I mean, that $300 is a huge difference for me. The $588 is hard to take as it is, but I really do have to upgrade. I'm making CS1 work for now on my new iMac and SnowLeopard, but let's just say the experience is...touchy...at times.

Rummaging around Amazon I found yet another upsell version for people wanting to upgrade from stand-alone copies of Illustrator or Photoshop. That went for over a grand. Does Adobe actually print several different versions of the install disc for varying upgrades vs. upsells? Or is it the same damn disc and I can go ahead and get the $588 version and upgrade without worry?
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My experience with these in the past has been that the upgrade wants to see the previous version installed and sometimes requests the original install disc. (My experience is with CS3 & CS2 so things may be different with this version but I doubt it) So it's likely that the upgrade will not work if you just have CS1.
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How about you buy the OEM (not upgrade, not upsell) version for 700 USD? The description says it's the full version, and in my experience it is.
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Oh and for the difference, Amazon tells you on the product page:
You can buy Adobe's Creative Suite 4 collections in "upgrade" and "upsell" versions. So which one is right for you? Essentially, if you are upgrading from an older to a newer version of a suite, you are eligible for the upgrade. If you are moving from an individual product to a suite, the upsell version is probably right for you
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i write about adobe for the design industry so i need to pay attention to stuff like this.

you may need to buy the upsell version (or an equivalent) because it's been a while since you upgraded. if you check with an adobe sales rep, they will be honest with you about the issue. be forewarned though that adobe's product platform schemes are confusing to a lot of people, so you may have to wade through a couple of phone calls to make sure you get the right information.

adobe's serial number scheme changed in between cs1 and 2, so you may find yourself facing a text input field for which you don't have enough characters. if you have a number you can input, you'll be fine.

also, betas of cs5 are being distributed in january to the press for review, which means that version will be out to the public in the middle of the year.
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