Correct mute for low brass
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What type of mute do I need to buy for a King 625 bell-front Euphonium?

When I search the web for "brass mutes" and variations thereof, I find hundreds of possibilities. Would the hive-mind please point me to the correct mute for this instrument? Thanks in advance.
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Mutes are used for various purposes - mostly to produce specific tibre in the instrument but sometimes to just quiet the instrument for practice in close quarters. We need to know what type of mute you are looking for before we can assist you in choosing the proper one.
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"sometimes to just quiet the instrument for practice in close quarters"

this one. :)
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This looks about right. But I always wanted to test out the "Silent Brass" line of practice mutes.
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I think you may be screwed by that bell-front, unfortunately.
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Eek, yeah, just noticed that. But it looks like someone makes the right type of mute that you're looking for. Sadly, the author doesn't mention who...
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The keyword you're looking for is "practice mute" -- made by a zillion manufacturers, at different levels of effectiveness. The one made by Best Brass is pretty bell-dimension-agnostic, since it doesn't go very far into the bell flare. It also works really well, at least on trombones.

To really get a good fit on an instrument that unusual, you should probably just call a good dealer and talk to them. Dillon (linked above) is one of the go-to sources on the East coast. Most reputable places have generous return policies, so you can probably buy a few options and return the ones that don't fit well.
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