Can you help identify this ceramic cat?
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LongShotFilter: Can you help identify this ceramic cat?

It came in a set of four. Two were broken years ago, and a friend of mine is trying to complete the set for a Very Special Christmas Gift. There are no markings on the remaining two cats to indicate a manufacturer, or anything else that might be a clue. The other remaining cat has the same markings -- white face, belly, paws & tail, and black everywhere else -- and is in a sitting position. If anyone can track them down it's the amazing AskMe community. Thanks!
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Since nobody here knows...yet, I would try photographing it on a white background and putting the picture into TinEye, on the off chance it could find a similar picture. I might also try going to a local antique shop and asking a person there.
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Best answer: It looks a little like Figaro from Pinocchio, if that helps at all.
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Can you take another photo of it from a different angle?
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Response by poster: Figaro looks like it might be a good lead. No exact matches yet, but it does give some hope.

I should have some additional pictures of that one and the other one, on white backgrounds if all goes well, within an hour or so.

Thanks for all the help!
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Response by poster: Additional pictures here. Turns out the first picture left out quite a bit of detail. Glad you asked for more.

I think we're getting close. It looks like it is Figaro, and they are perhaps knockoffs of Brayton Laguna/Geppetto Pottery figurines. Ebay items #1, #2, #3. The existing two do not have yellow eyes or markings on the bottom, which could be due to wear but that doesn't seem very likely.

Additional ideas are still most welcome.
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Best answer: This looks the same as one you uploaded, I think?

That's part of the Brayton of Laguna (more here, scroll down) collection. Mentioned here too, search Figaro. Also selling here.
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Great find, iconomy, that sure looks like it to me! I was thinking Wade Whimsies or the one that used to be in the Upland area...

Those are cute!
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There's a couple on eBay but they are crazily expensive.
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Response by poster: Many thanks to all! AskMe delivers once again. Now, unfortunately, I have to take my pictures down so the potential giftee won't stumble across this thread and recognize them as hers.
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