Opinions on Dremel Multi-Max?
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Opinions on the Dremel Multi-Max? Seems like it would do what I need (awkward sanding) but it also seems gimmicky.

Also, there are similar tools form other companies - are they any different?
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It's basically one of the clones of the Fein Multi Master. I have a cheap clone from Harbor Freight - it was good for making cuts in boards where it was hard to get a normal saw. I think the main thing with these tools is ability to get into tight areas.
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It's nice for making flush cuts in tight spaces. I also don't have the Dremel one, instead, I wanted to try it out so I picked up the Harbor Freight version for $30-$35. I originally got it to see how well it stripped paint. It was OK, but other tools do it faster.

As far as I know, the major differences between different companies is the motor power, the amount of work put into the "design" and with the Dremel, IIRC you get variable speed control.
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What kind of sanding are you trying to do -- between banisters/chair rails/that sort of thing, or simply something very small? I wonder if you could get something similar by using one of the regular Dremel tools -- basically, something on a rotating drill bit, so you could use it for more than just sanding.
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I have a Fein Multimaster and absolutely love it, but I rarely use it for sanding. Not because it doesn't do a good job, but that I got it for everything else it's handy for.
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