Rainy Saturday in LA
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I'm entertaining guests from India in LA tomorrow for the whole day, and all my plans are being scuppered by a forecast of rain. What can we do in the LA area (don't mind driving pretty much anywhere) that won't be compromised by grey clouds and rain?

The guys (3, mid 20s) have been here for a few weeks now and have so far been to Manhattan/ Venice/ Santa Monica and Hollywood, and they're going to Little India on Sun. Usually when I have folks in town we go up to the Hollywood sign, hike in the mountains, drive up the PCH etc and obviously all these activities presuppose good weather. I'm kinda stumped when it comes to bad weather - even the Getty doesn't seem such a good idea since the main attraction for folks from out of town is the grounds and the views.

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One of my favorite places is the LA Museum of art and the La Brea Tar Pits/Page Museum.
It is relatively close to Farmers Market, which is fun, too.
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OK, I should post links.
Tarpits/Page Museum
Farmer's Market
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I always love the Getty; I can spend a good three hours there. Admission is free but parking is $15(!).
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Oops, sorry.

I missed that last bit about NOT THE GETTY.

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Food! Eat, eat, eat. I don't have specific recommendations, but when I went to visit my cousins in LA, they took me to an incredible string of amazing inexpensive, restaurants (particularly Mexican ones) during a spell of bad weather. It was fantastic.
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Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills (which appears to have changed its name to The Paley Center for Media since my last visit), folllowed by lunch across the street at Nate 'n' Al's Delicatessen. Of course, this is entirely dependent on your friends being TV junkies and having big appetites like most of my out of town guest seem to.
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Griffith Park Observatory.
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The Getty Villa would be pretty nice even in the rain. Yes, a big part of the attraction is the grounds, but that's not the only attraction.
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I haven't been there, but I guess we have a Grammy Museum now. Could offer an interesting look at American culture.

They have ice skating downtown in Pershing square. Rather than avoiding the cold, maybe try embracing it. Could be a weird story when they go back home. How was sunny LA? So cold we went ice skating.

There's also snow up in the mountains if they're they type that might want to go try skiing or snow boarding.
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If you and your friends have the cash go to one of the many casino's in southern california. Perfect for rainy days.
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There's an indoor bike track that's all wood and racers crawl up the sides in fancy bikes. If I was a youngun I would love to experience the thrill of centrifugal force holding me sideways. Google it for LA. Also, ice skating in Culver City.

How about going to a silent movie and getting the Wurlitzer Organ live sound track? How about going to the ARcLight and catching the opening of Avatar with the industry types?
How about going to The Grove and seeing their luxe Christmas hustle. Last time I was there, so was Ironman. Um, without the iron, just his credit card.
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Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is also quite nice.
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You could do a subway-based excursion into Hollywood and downtown. The main problem with rainy days in LA is the traffic, which could be avoided if you used public transportation. Just take a couple of umbrellas and explore the city.

Hollywood Blvd., Chinatown, Olvera Street, and Little Tokyo are all accessible by train, as well as the downtown library, Grand Central Market (one of my favorites), and the Museum of Tolerance (not cheery, but very interesting and well done). And then go for french dips at Philippe's.

I know there is free parking at the Heritage Square Gold Line station (and probably others as well), so you could use that as a jumping off point.
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Metafilter's own Miss Lynnster has a lovely website that might be of some use.
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If you are in to things off the beaten path, check out The Museum of Jurrasic Technology.
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