Help Me Wash That Red Right Out of My Eye
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I have a big, noticeable blood vessel cluster in my eye that won't go away, and I would like your advice on reducing or eliminating it.

About 4 years ago, a cluster of blood vessels in my eye suddenly popped up bright red, stretching from about midway through the white of my eye to the iris. I'd hoped it was the conventional sort of broken blood vessel, but it's still here after all these years.

I wear extra-permeable contact lenses and switch to my glasses after I get home from the day, so I don't think it's because my eye isn't getting enough oxygen. I also use preservative-free contact lens solution, so I don't think it's being aggravated by an irritant.

Do you have any tips on how to reduce or eliminate this? According to this thread, using Visine for an extended length of time makes the problem worse. I don't have an eye doctor at present and hoped I could start brainstorming here.
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It is likely a dry spot (mine is, according to my ophthalmologist). I wear rigid gas permeable lenses, and I go through periods, especially in winter, when my dry spots get very irritated. So I use Systane from Alcon. My opht. and my optometrist (who fits my contacts) approve, and my eyes are much more comfortable and less horrow show looking.
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I have a similar cluster of blood vessels which popped up after an eye fungus situation about 15 years ago. My doctor said they would probably never go away. He was right =(

I just use visine on special occasions - sort of like wearing the fancy jewelry.

Good luck though - maybe there's a better treatment.
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Wait, you haven't been to the eye doctor yet?
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No, I haven't -- it's a long boring story about bad insurance. Yes, I know I should go for this and other reasons, and hope to when I have a little more liquidity, insurance-wise.

Thanks for the suggestions thus far.
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