Very mild salad dressing for watercress salad?
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Had a watercress and squash salad at the Aeronuovo restaurant at JFK. It was awesome. The dressing tasted like it had no vinegar or acid at all.

I'd like to duplicate this salad at home. I think it was small triangles of squash sauteed in butter and maybe honey, over a bed of watercress that was dressed in OO and salt and paper. Toasted slivers of almonds. Does this sounds plausible? Has anyone had this salad? Even if you haven't had it, if you were going to make it at home, would you make it like this?
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I might roast the squash on a cookie sheet instead.
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Maybe call and ask them. Frame it in the sense of thinking you might have eaten an ingredient you were allergic to, and ask what is in their salad dressing.
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Yeah, cut up the squash, drizzle it with some melted butter (and honey, if you want), and bake in a 350 degree or so oven until the edges look a little brown and crispy.

The rest sounds good (even delicious).
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Here's the management company, and the menu. I don't see that salad, which sounds delish. Call them or write them; they might give you the recipe or at least a better description. Don't call during meal-time.
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I've made an asian-style watercress and avocado salad that uses sweet onions, and a rice wine vinegar/soy sauce/oil dressing. Pretty mild, and really good. I could see something similar working with squash. Maybe without the onions.
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Part of the key will be identifying the squash. That will be crucial to the correct flavor and texture in the salad. So, what color was the squash? Was it more orange (probably butternut) or more yellow (acorn)?

Don't use the "Oh, I think I might have been allergic" question. Just play around with the salad dressing. Olive oil, salt, and fresh pepper do make a wonderful dressing without acid, and watercress is peppery enough that it stands out without needing a lot on it.
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