more interesting beats than a metronome...
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Drum tracks. I want basic percussion only beats on mp3.

Bored of listening to a metronome during saxophone practice.

Would like simple 3/4 and 4/4 beats to play along to. Doesn't have to be amazing music, just something that’s a bit more interesting than the constant click click click of a metronome.

Any more experienced musicians have tips on spicing up practice with a more interesting beat to play along with?
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Not so simple, perhaps, but could you use any of these? (as discussed here).
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Do you have a friend with a Mac and Garageband? (I'm assuming you don't have Garageband.) There are plenty of drum loops included and available, and it's a cinch to make an mp3 of any loop of any length you want.
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Hmm. I have a simple DIY electronics kit that does this--it doesn't do mp3s, it has a little speaker.

Would it be ok to post the link here?
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There has to be a TON of videos of people drumming on YouTube that you could play along to.

Yeah, just checked. Search for "drumming". You'll probably have success adding genres or time signatures to refine your results too.
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Make your own.
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misteraitch: that link looks like a great find. i'll give it a listen after work and let you know if its what I'm looking for.

The Deej: I'm a PC user. I do have mixmiester though, I'm thinking I might be able to do something with that.

adamwolf : sounds like the sort of electronics project I'd be interested in, even if it isn't quite what I'm looking for here. Perhaps you can send the link privately?

csimpkins: I won't be able to look at those links until later tonight. However, the youtube drumming I've seen isn't really what I'm looking for here. Most of it is too showy (albeit impressive) to accompany my (quite basic) music practice. I also need to ultimatly burn my beats on to CD which is more effort than I was hoping to undertake.

Cheers all.
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b1tr0t: that link looks like its got lots of potential for someone who has time to do it properly. I don't.

So far I've made a couple of practice loops on MixMiester from the fantastic bonham files. I've sent them through to my dad (who is the saxophone player) and we'll see what he thinks.
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