Foucault's episteme vs. Kuhn's paradigm
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Need help finding passages where Foucault concentrates on the concept of the episteme in his The Order of Things. Would also like some help with comparing this concept to Kuhn's paradigm idea.

I'm writing a (short) paper comparing Foucault's concept of epistemes to Kuhn's concept of paradigms. I've acquired Foucault's Lets mots et les choses (The Order of Things), but I'm at a loss on where to start reading, having almost no previous knowledge on the subject. So I would like to know: Which specific chapters or passages are specifically related to describing the episteme?

I would also appreciate any comments on or references to articles and such comparing Foucault and Kuhn's two ideas. (Books are not so great, since I'm outside of the US and the paper is due in a week.)
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Best answer: I have found John Protevi's outlines helpful for Foucault:
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Best answer: A bit of googling produced a paper that compares Foucault and Kuhn from the perspective of economic science. Should be enough to get you started, I hope.
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