Need the part # for a 2009 Ford Focus Passenger-side Mirror
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I'm trying to find part number(s) to repair a sideswiped passenger side mirror on a 2009 Ford Focus. Most of the mirror is intact, so I'd like to replace only the piece that clips the mirror into the holder cavity. If this isn't possible, I'll grudgingly pony up for the whole mirror assembly. Bonus question: is there a place to buy the part in Orlando, FL before Sunday? Thanks!
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Call the dealer to find the part number - if you need it ASAP, you'll probably have to buy it from them too.

Or else you could search for the part number online and see who has it the cheapest. Also you could check out any Ford forums to see if there are any dealers/recommended online vendors who offer cheaper prices.
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Oh, this happened to me with my ford focus. I don't have the part number around anymore but I called the dealer and then called auto part shops to find the best price. I don't think that we could find the casing without the mirror. It cost about 40 dollars for the part with mirror (this happened about a year ago and I have a 2003 focus so YMMV).
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I had to buy a small part from a Ford dealership once and it was something that was hard to explain on the phone. They had all the diagrams of every part ( with numbers) on the computer. If you can, go into the dealership and ask at the parts dept. That way, you'll know your getting exactly which part you need. If they don't have it in stock, they should be able to direct you to the closest place that has it. Sometimes as mentioned above though, parts are a package deal. Meaning you have to buy them the way they Ford sells them. Usually its the way they receive them.
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There are plenty of companies that supply mirrors, bumpers, door handles, and headlight assemblies, they typically sell the entire assembly and not individual components for rebuilding. They are a very cost effective option and are worth looking into.

If you want just that one piece, you'll have to go to the Ford dealer and work with the parts counter person to determine exactly what part of the assembly you need.

However, when I worked at Audi, we only received mirrors assembled, not as individual parts. Generally speaking, the only two parts you can order separately are the body-colored plastic cap and the actually piece of mirrored glass. The rest of the assembly comes as one unit. If there's a turn signal integrated, you might be able to replace that by itself, too.

But, take it from me, you're better off replacing the whole unit. You'll save yourself a ton of headache and you can probably pick a whole assembly up for pretty cheap. If you just order one small piece, there will inevitably be other parts that you discover to be damaged once you disassemble it or there'll be some little plastic clip that breaks when you're working on it and you'll wish you had just bought the whole thing and slapped it on the car.
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If you get to a dealer pronto, even if they don't have it and can't locate it nearby (likely), they may be able to get it overnighted (extra for Saturday delivery) from the wholesale source.

Your other option is to visit an "automotive recycler" (formerly: junkyard). They may have it on the lot in the right color; if not, that industry is highly networked and computerized and will almost certainly be able to locate the part and get it overnighted to you.

Or you could start by visiting This will let you find a recycler who has the part, and you can contact them directly.
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Via Car-part, this place in Orlando looks like a good source.
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Get the whole assembly. I had to do this and it only cost me about $30. This was an aftermarket part for a 97 Nissan Altima, so for a 2009 car, the part may only be available and through the dealer, but shouldn't really be all that much more expensive.

Also, it was really easy to figure out how to replace the mirror myself. If you get the dealer to do this they will charge you out the anus. You can splice any wires that you need to cut (like mine had electronic mirror tilting / positioning) with wire strippers and wire crimps. voila!
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You have a popular car - call a junk yard with your make, model. I'd reccommend specifiying the color of your car because you might get an entire assembly as its easier to rip out of a junker. (and yes - someone has crashed and totaled a car like yours and the parts were sold to a junkyard.)

Happened to me a few years back. cost me $16 and took a week or so. My mechanic installed it for cheap when I was getting some other car repairs done.
posted by Nanukthedog at 8:00 AM on December 11, 2009 (formerly has the entire parts catalog for pretty much every Ford built in the last 20 years. I don't know how quickly they could ship, but at least you'd be able to get the part number.
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