Tsunami Disaster Donations
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I'm an amateur photographer and a student and wish to donate the proceeds from the sale of my photos as I have no money.

Prints for sale

What's the best way to get the word out?
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Put something on your site about it.
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Consider helping the organizations of good reputation already helping the tsunami victims instead. For instance, you could give the Red Cross your blood or your time.

Or, sell your stuff, but don't mention the tsunami -- just make a quiet donation. Your intentions are good, but people have no way of knowing you'll follow through. I got burned by someone claiming to do nearly exactly this for the victims of 9/11, and as a result, I always make donations directly to the big aid organizations. I think more and more people have come to the conclusion that it's the only way to make a donation safely.
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Be specific. Hockey teams in Thailand are holding a game as a special fundraiser, for example. This made it more personal for me, and they specifically state that 100 percent of proceeds are going to relief, and none to administrative costs.

More info on how to donate at the league website, more info on the game and the folks behind it, and a link to donate online to the Thailand Red Cross. (all in english, btw)
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