Probable PC power supply issue - how to confirm and what to get?
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Probable PC power supply issue - how to confirm and what to get?

My home PC is a Acer-Aspire Desktop with Intel Core2 Quad Processor , item # Q6600-AM5630-U5209A. I am away from home presently and unable to look at it, however my wife said that it started shutting down randomly yesterday and now the light on the power button goes on but nothing happens - no boot screen, no spinning of drives, no fan, and DVD tray won't power on or open. Tried reconnecting all the cables to no avail. Other devices plugged into the same outlet work fine.

I'm assuming this is a power supply issue, however I've never bought a power supply before & I can't look at the unit. Can anyone confirm that my hunch is correct, and based on the item # could anyone tell me what sort of power supply I should buy?
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Sounds like a power supply problem to me. Is the comp stock? If so you can probably get by with a standard ATX power supply in the 400 watt range. If you've upgraded the video card you may need more power. Newegg has always been good to me with deals.

Information I found here indicates a 250 or 300 watt psu is standard for that computer.
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Found some more info here. If you buy a new PSU you need to make sure it will work with a PCI-Express card and has SATA connectors for the drives. These both replaced the long standard AGP and PATA connections a few years ago.
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Most likely a PSU issue, though there is a smaller chance a fan isn't working and is causing overheating. Your wife can try unplugging and replugging the central unit, then keeping the power button pressed for about ten seconds so it can boot, and listening for normal fan noise.
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Here's your specs. Notice that all it says of the power supply is "Industry Standard 250 or 300 Watt."

This is $29.99 after rebate. 480W is overkill, of course, but 300W-ish power supplies have been orphaned by a lot of manufacturers these days.
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