A Tale of Two-Themed Parties
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What can I dress as for a "Heaven & Hell party"?

I've never been to any Heaven-Hell parties beside the fraternity events where different alcoholic drinks were served on each floor (that's not what this will be; it's the occasion for two friends' 40th b'day celebration)... Nor am I keen on the angel-devil getup... If you've got ideas or have been to a theme party along these lines, if you've worn or seen others wearing something memorable, please share it. I'd like to try working something w/ current events/recent headlines into it but I'm not that clever... Thanks!
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I would go as a politician... although I am sure that is kind of cliche.
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Sarah Palin. Heaven for republicans. Also heaven for democrats if she runs. Win.

It's not clear if you're a man or a woman by the way.
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Get a very small blank book, fill in a few names of odd people, and bam, St. Peter.
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Best answer: Don't need to be a devil-angel, just some wings and a pack of smokes.
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How about going as Ronnie James Dio?
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Response by poster: Sorry zp -- I'm a woman. And I smoke AND live in VA where it's recently been banned from restaurants -- why didn't I think of that? I'd go as Palin, I have the hair color etc. but one of the honorees is a staunch Republican, and it would be too unsatisfying to *not* play up her shortcomings in the costume somehow. Thanks for the feedback!
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Go as the river Styx. I have no idea how.
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Response by poster: As for the Black Sabbath idea, very cool -- I tend more toward "Heaven or Las Vegas" for musical taste, and have always loved that album title (Cocteau Twins), if I could represent that in some way...
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Go as William Blake.
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eve with an apple in her hand and a big plastic snake slithering up your leg??

St. Peter with the big book and you can look guests up for them and let them know how they fare??
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Not Dante. Beatrice.
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Beatrice will only be able to go to half the party. And there's no instantly-recognizible Beatrice get-up like there is with Dante.
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If you don't mind mutilating some dollar-store stuffed animals, a three-headed dog would be a fun thing to carry around. Perhaps you could even make it into a purse.
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Dungeons & Dragons player from the '80s
Heavenly Host (be sure to wear a name tag)
Robert Plant or Jimmy Page
Margaret Thatcher (stay in Hell with that one)
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Go as the devil who is dressed up like Britney Spears. (google southpark first)
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I'd get a giant plush snake, strategically sew it into a skimpy burlesque costume, put some roses and poppies in my hair and go as Lilith.
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Tropical garb (maybe a Hawaiian shirt) and a long stick. You can go as Limbo.
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Go as a fluffy white cloud: all the angels will want to recline on you :)
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Devil in a blue dress.
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Wear a mirror around your neck, so that whoever you're talking to at the party is caught in the reflection.

Since you know, "Hell is other people..."

Another variant on this is to wear a shirt that looks like a "No Exit" sign.
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The anniversary of Dimebag Darrel's death recently came and went. You could go as him and just walk around punching all the demons, as I'm sure Dimebag is doing right now.

I'll second Dante, especially if you can get a Virgil to lead you around and stuff. Also, a Rock and Roll dream team that everyone's always going on about (Hendrix on lead guitar, Buddy Holly on Rhythm, Keith Moon on drums, etc.). You'll need something of a group for that one though.
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Persephone embodies both Heaven (the Greek kind) and Hell
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Get a small sign and attach it to your belt that reads, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter." You can put an arrow and point it at your crotch if you want to make sure people get it. And maybe attach some LED bulbs on the arrow that flash. That's what I'd do.
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You could go as a traffic conductor for hell. You know, letting people know which level to proceed to for whichever sin they've been damned for. Then again, walking around, telling your friends what sin they've committed might not be all that good.

You could go as the archetypal boss from hell/teacher from hell (bring an Algebra book). When someone asks what your costume is, just start. As a boss, start reminding people about proper procedure for interoffice memo, as the teacher, just start talking about, say, math. When people ask what's going on, just let them know that your costume is their own, personal hell.
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Alternatively, get some of those nylon strap between the pole marker, a fake dmv badge, and arrange the poles so that people have to stand in line. Voila, DMV! It's like hell on Earth, ill will towards men (and women)!
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I went to a recent Halloween party as a devilish real estate agent, and kept trying to get people to sell me their souls for a High Efficiency Life Lot all night long. I had contracts and red pens. The best part? Someone dressed as the Joker signed one "Bruce Wayne."
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Dress in brown, wear a halo and carry a bible or other religious artifact and go as Holy Shit.
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Trenchcoat, smokes - John Constantine!
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Just wear some loose fur.

My father's laaaaame joke genes are too strong to resist!
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Best answer: Pregnant nun.
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A friend of mine went to a Halloween party as Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light. It was great.
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