how to make empanada saltenas
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i want to make empanada saltenas for someone special!

i can't seem to find recipes online and even when i do, i don't know if they're any good. would love a family-member approved recipe to be made with love!
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Dunno about the filling, but I've got a great flaky dough recipe from my hometown bakery. I'll post it when I get home, if you'd like.
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I have family from Bolivia so I know my way around a Salteña, but I gotta warn you, they are tough to make without practice. That being said, this seems like a pretty good recipe:

I guess a salteña, could fall under the "empanada" category, but I always thought of them as a little bit more "stew-like" in the interior. The key to a good salteña is a stewy, somewhat chunky interior (with some heat), that chunk of egg and olive is always there as well, and then the crust needs to be a moist, almost sweet flaky crust, as opposed to a dry flaky crust found in empanadas in other places.

Where do you live? I am in the DC area, and Northern VA has one of the largest Bolivian demographics in the country, and on the weekends you can find tons of places to get examples.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: that would be great, molly! and thank you for the recipe OuttaHere.
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