The Past Decade's Changes in the Music Industry
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Do you think this is a good overview of the changes in the music business in the last 10 years (for someone like me, who could charitably be called a non-musician)? Do you recommend other sources?
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I personally think that any source will be insufficient for these very very recent changes. I've looked (and cringed), and they all seem to end with "And from now until forever, file-sharing is the best and only way to ever listen to music again. Amen.", however I like to think that people are starting to come to their senses and seeing the value of vinyl records again. Actually, this is not just me, as you'll notice on certain talk shows they now like to hold up records instead of CDs before a band comes on, which I approve of. Anyway, as for real sources besides myself, I try to stay away.
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I do believe this is a good overview, because it covers where the industry is plainly at. Digital age w/o as much "branding" as the industry handled before. The industry takes fewer chances; pumps out less inventory.

On the vinyl note: They are selling because record companies are promoting them. Though they may never die as its own niche, vinyl will go into a slumber once demand falters.

(I really hope this happens to the 3D movie fad we seem to be in the middle of.)

One more beef: That IPod has been given the meme/default status for MP3 players. A young friend of mine swears that he does not have an MP3 player; he has an IPod. Same for stereo ports that say Ipod rather than "device" or whatever. I would not want to purchase a stereo receiver that assumes I own an Ipod.
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Read Bob Lefsetz' blog. It is one point of view, but one that should be considered. He is all about discussing this very topic.
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