"Straitjackets help me think"?
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Is there a quote by an architect or designer about how the constraints make the project?

I'm looking for a quote by an architect or designer about how the constraints are helpful, rather than harmful, to the creative process. I know it's a common thought, but I'm looking for an actual quote by an actual person. Thanks!
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I can't refine it to a single quote but it sounds a lot like this interview called
Design Q&A with Charles Eames.

I imagine that quite a lot of designers and architects since then have paraphrased this interview. Mr Eames himself might very well have been quoting his own predecessors.
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I know it's not what you've asked for but this seems related to Parkinson's Law ("Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.")

Perhaps if you can find a designer or architect that references that, you may find the quote you're looking for nearby.
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Mies van der Rohe: "Less is more."
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Do you mean something along the lines of form follows function?
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I can't pull a pithy quote from it, but there is a page or two in 37 Signal's book "Getting Real" about embracing constraints. (37 Signals is the team behind Basecamp.)
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Embracing constraints is also a major theme of the 37signals blog, Signal vs. Noise; you can probably find many appropriate quotations there.
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