Name that 2002 Japanese Movie
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Name that Japanese movie: seen onboard Japan Airlines in 2002-2003. Salaryman becomes obsessed with building a space rocket in his back garden.

Easy-going but slightly melancholy mid-30s family man with a dissatisfying office job slowly retreats from his family and friends and becomes obsessed with building himself a rocket from scrap metal and assorted spare parts. Overall tone was poignant and gently humourous. Features a bizarrely out-of-place scene involving a doctor attacking a cabbage in an attempt to demonstrate a new medical robot.

I was sure it was called Tomorrow Is Another Day in English, but I can't any mention of it online. Can anyone help?
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Best answer: Is it "明日があるさ THE MOVIE" (Ashita ga aru sa)?
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Sorry, I forgot the link to
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Best answer: Oh, and just in case you can't read Japanese, here's a link to the movie on YesAsia.
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Best answer: Checking IMDb for Japanese movies from that time period with "tomorrow" in the title, I get Ashita ga aru sa (There's Always Tomorrow) (2002). I have no idea what it's about, but it seems to be some kind of spinoff from a comedy-drama TV show about salarymen. I think. More information is probably available if you can read Japanese.
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Response by poster: Well well well, that's exactly it. Domo arigato. I must have seen it on IMDB, but skipped past it because it didn't have any identifying features. Now I can fully concentrate on building my own space rocket instead of worrying about obscure cinema titles!
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