Estonian food online?
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Where can I order authentic Estonian bakery and/or deli items directly from Estonia for the holidays?

At this point I am realizing a total Google-fail... Any suggestions on good sites that ship to the USA? Items include: bread; canned fish; fresh meats, etc.
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I got a bunch of hits searching for "Baltic Food", e.g.
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It might be easier to find food items already imported into the USA. For example, visit one of the stores on this list. (Stores that carry Lithuanian bread often have food from other countries too.)
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Leaving aside all the obvious questions (like why on Earth would you want to do that?), a little bit of googling produced They don't have canned fish in their catalog, but they say that you can contact them if you want to order something not shown there.
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Also, if you need any suggestions on what to buy and what not to buy, feel free to ask.
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Baltic Shop has Latvian bread and Estonian chocolate (mmmmm, Kalev...) if that's any use.

Rõõmsaid Jõule!
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