Looking for a colorful desktop nameplate
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Looking for a colorful/artsy name plate to sit on an office desk. Does such a thing exist? If so, where? And if not, what might be some possible substitutes?

I'd like to get this as a gift for someone who was recently promoted-- one of those desk name placards seemed like a nice way to recognize the person in their new role. The job is in higher-ed administration, so not a very formal working environment; her office is filled with lovely, colorful objets-d'art, and I was hoping I could go beyond the usual blah Lucite/marble/brass/wood rectangles and get a colorful or otherwise artsy and unusual nameplate holder that'd fit into the existing decor. Bonus points if engraveable, and/or possessing a math-y or abstract theme or feel.

I thought such a thing should be easy to find-- heck, I'd like one. But after combing pretty much every single website in this list and on the Gift Wiki, I've had zero luck. Does anyone know if this kind of nameplate exists? And if no, does anyone have any ideas for creative substitutions-- personalizeable, colorful, office-desktop-appropriate-- that might serve the same purpose?
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Any awards-and-trophies-making shop or "things engraved" booth in a shopping mall can make these for you. That's the usual method.
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Response by poster: @rokusan-- yes, I know that's how you'd get the standard wood/brass version, but I was hoping to find something that was more colorful or unique-- something that'd be almost a work of art or conversation piece in itself, only with a little engraved plate stuck on, if that makes any sense. Although maybe they are peddling fabulous sparkly jeweltone nameplates at Things Remembered these days? I guess it wouldn't hurt to check.
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If you visit a shop, I think you might be surprised, yes. They have lucite things that look like crystal, wooden ones that can be laser-cut/etched, and lots of other options.

I have a couple "glass" ones with my name on them from conferences where they were used to mark seats at the table. Fancy.
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Go to a ceramics shop and glaze a tile with her name surrounded by a Renaissance border you picked out of a Dover clipart book or something. You'd be surprised how nice personalized tiles can look!
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You might want to check out PlaqueMaker.com. They have an almost dizzying array of options for the plaque itself and, depending on what you had in mind, perhaps even the unique setting for the plaque as well.
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I'm not sure where to find one, and I'm having trouble googling, but what about a cute desktop business card holder? There are companies that make ones tailored to different professions. I remember my hairdresser had one that had a tiny hairdryer, comb, etc. I'm sure they'd have an educator themed one.
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Etsy.com has an option where you can describe what you want to have made and have people bid to create it for you. http://www.etsy.com/alchemy/
I'm sure if you post exactly what you've described here, you'll get a ton of pitches. Good luck!
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I took a blank piece of paper and had a co-worker sign their name with a big black magic marker. I then scanned the paper and threw it into photoshop, changing the white background to any cool color of my choosing, and changed the signature to white. I then used the text tool to place the persons name under their signature. Printed it out on high-quality paper and matted it. Turned out pretty sweet.
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How about calligraphers?
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