Christmas pudding stock
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My Christmas pudding has just boiled for six hours and is now hanging happily. But what can I do with the water it boiled in? It smells so delicious and rich, buttery and brandy, yet I can find nothing through Google for ideas. Dessert soup? Sauce?
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Hot beverages? Mixed with apple cider, add some extra brandy? Put in coffee or tea or hot chocolate---again adding extra brandy?
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Reduce it and turn it into a glaze? Could make an interesting, spicy bundt cake glaze with a ton of added sugar.
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cook some butternut squash in the water for soup.
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You could make a cake and pour it over as a wouldn't even have to reduce it. I guess syrupy cake is a little unusual, but if you've ever had Greek walnut cake you know what I'm talking about.

Or you could freeze it till summer and serve it over ice cream :)
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What I would do is use it as part/all of the liquid you pour over baklava before you bake it. if you've never made baklava let me assuage any fears, it is pretty simple overall.
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Add an equal amount of sugar and make simple syrup (which you could add to coffee, mixed drinks, etc)
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