Looking for a new camera bag
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I need a new camera bag. I am looking for esoteric brands, beyond Domke or Lowepro. Can the hive point me in many different directions?

As many manufacturers as possible: I am looking for an "urbanite" or travel bag, not a location shooting bag.

For more parameters, I would want to fit a digital EOS SLR Body, two or three lenses, a speedlight and other pockets for books, documents, and such--beyond the usual accessory pockets a bag comes with.

My Outpack Design bag by Domke (Saunders) is done, and I cannot find a similar model.

Thanks so much.
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Checkout Crumpler bags. I have had the same one since 2004 and I love it. Their websites are pretty out there and crazy (design wise) but their bags are awesome!
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Yes, I love all my Crumpler bags!
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I use Lowepro's for the most part, but have heard great things about Think Tank bags and Kata.
Don't know anything about M-Rock, but that's another to check out.
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Seconding Kata. Also heard good things about Crumpler, but haven't owned one.
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3rd-ing Kata, I have a DR466 and can fit my 40d+ 3 lenses and a laptop.
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nthing Crumpler bags. Just be aware that their distinctive logo, not unlike Lowepro, screams "steal me: thousands of dollars of equipment inside".
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If you can still find them, CCS from the UK made the most solidly professional kit I've ever used. The owners seem to have retired and are selling off the final stock.
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Get a camera bag that neither resembles a camera bag nor a laptop bag. Cover up the logo with gaff tape or a patch. You can also buy bag inserts separately and turn your favorite bag into a safe place for your gear.
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Response by poster: TheGoldenOne-- I hear you. My current, and ailing bag, bears no clues as to what I have inside. I bought it used for that purpose, besides the great deal in price. I also ripped the insignias and tags off my gear; for a professional thief does know what to look for.

Do you have any suggestions for a basic bag to transform?
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halogen and thegoldenone make good points, although it depends where/how you'll primarily be using your gear. Sometimes the increased functionality/accessibility of a photo-specific bag might outweigh the increased visibility.

I've had success with my Freitag messenger and my Seal-Line rolltop dry backpack, with equipment rolled up in neoprene. Op-Tech wraps are nice for this purpose if your lenses don't have their own bags.

My storage/travel (read: carrying gear in the trunk) camera bag is an ancient Lowepro Nova 4, which has far outlived the price I paid for it about a decade ago. I almost never use it on a shoot or doing any sort of location shoot.

Caveats about Crumpler and Kata: both are really well-made bags, but especially with Crumpler, there's not as much flexibility as I'd like regarding configuring/repacking your equipment. You might be limited by the form factor of the bag to having your second body under your 70-200, or your flash at an angle such that you can't just grab it.
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I have a lot of bags from nearly all the people listed above, but hands down the best bag I've used in a long time and the most used bag in my gear closet is my Incase dSLR bag. Not the small one, but the bigger one. It'll hold my body, 2-3 lens, a flash and all the basic stuff to go along. Rock solid and well-made. Well worth the money at twice the price.
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Moving away from Domke is blasphemy.

You don't go from Domke, you go to Domke.

No vested interest. I just will never let go of my Domke bags.
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I have a collection of Tom Bihn bags for a variety of purposes.

I also have and use the Tamrac Velocity 10x the most (Amazon). This bag has been to Europe and Africa and I have zero complaints about it. I purchased the 10x, they do have smaller versions which you may want to look into. The 10x is a bit large.

Nikon D90 and a 18-200 with the sun shield fits just fine, along with alot of other tools.
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