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Where O Where can someone find fresh bananas to ship as a gift... more specifically, anyone know of a place that ships JUST fresh bananas as a gift?

I have a friend that eats bananas daily (suffice to say it is actually for a medical reason). She is going through a tough time, and I'd like to send her something unique and special. So I'm looking for somewhere that'll send her a bunch of bananas (or several bunches spread out over a few weeks). I know of edible arrangements, but they only have dipped bananas and even then, only as a part of a basket.. she really doesn't eat any other fruit, so the rest would be a waste!
Any help is appreciated.
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Harry & David have organic bananas and exotic bananas for delivery, but they're not available until February.
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Harry and David has organic and exotic varieties
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Darnit... preview fail.
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In her neighbourhood, is there any sort of grocery delivery? In my neck of the woods, we have several places (here's one in Vancouver, for example) that will deliver groceries on a weekly basis. You order online, things show up at your door. If such a thing is available where she lives, I'm sure you could just set up a weekly order of bananas.
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Best answer: Melissa's Produce offers a banana sampler that looks pretty yummy.
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Best answer: Frieda's Inc. has three varieties of exotic bananas currently available for mail-order.
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Response by poster: Y'all are the best!!
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