All I want for Christmas is to save a franklin on postage for a holiday CD
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I used to send out a Christmas CD with holiday songs and clips from Movies and TV shows. It took a month to master and rip the CDs and 100 bucks in postage. What's a way to do this online instead? Is there somewhere I can POST a Christmas CD so people can listen online and download it if they want?

This used to be my holiday project. It more or less consumed the last week of november and the first of december. So I stopped.

But I thought "If I can just take out the postage, it's not THAT awful. Ideally I'd like to have the tracks all in order and downloadable if people want. Is there a service that exists? How do I do it?
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You might want to look into this.
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Disc image, Openbittorrent + an e-mailed torrent file.
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Just send them this:
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Try looking for the songs on and make a playlist that you can send to people.
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