Replace 1995 Integra Door Handle
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Does anyone have any information on a good source for getting a replacement door handle (driver side) on a 1995 Acura Integra and any tips on how to replace the broken one?

My googleing has turned up a few OEM part retailers but none of them have pictures of the parts and I want to make sure I am getting the right part in the right color. In my door jamb the color sticker tells me my color code is “BG-33P”. This website tells me that color code is “Paradise Blue-Green Pearl” but every OEM dealer I have found online that has door handles sells both “Paradise Blue” and “Green Pearl” separately and I don’t know if this means they are the same color or not.

I found an online guide for replacing the handle and I’m relatively confident my roommate and I can replace the handle ourselves. I don’t want to pay someone else to do it, I just need the part. Tomorrow I am going to give the nearest Acura dealership a call, but I doubt they will have the lowest price in parts.

Can any one offer first hand advice with a parts supplier or experiences with replacing the door handle on an Acura or Honda?

Picture of the Door sans handle
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On the color, does this help? FWIW, agrees that the color is "Paradise Blue Green Pearl," But I note there is another color of that year which is "Lausanne Green Pearl Clearcoat" and a completely different color.

If you care, when painters talk about "pearl" in car paint, they're generally talking about a subtle tint of color which goes into the clear-coat over the main color. So your color is better described as "paradise blue, with a hint of green laid over it."
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Not sure where you are, but you could look around for the nearest auto junkyard / auto parts recyclers. In California there is a big chain called Pick-n-Pull, each one has hundreds if not thousands of cars in different makes and models. You go out there, find your car, scrounge up whatever you need off of it, and pay pennies on the dollar to what you are going to pay from an OEM parts reseller. Ask your local mechanic if you aren't sure where the local parts place is, he should know.

For such a small and (I would imagine) inexpensive part though, I would probably just order one of each online in the Green and the Blue. If you must get only one, going off max's answer my guess is that you want the handle in Paradise Blue, and that the handles labeled online as "Green Pearl" refer to the Lausanne Green Pearl Clearcoat version.
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This site actually seems to be the portal for a majority of salvage yards across the country. Like, if you go to a junkyard's site and they have a search engine, it's like a custom search with this same interface limited to their inventory. The main site searches across the country, and if nothing else is good for finding nearby salvage yards.
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I had to replace a door handle in an old Accord once, and I just brought it in to the dealer and ordered the part with them. You're probably right that it's not the lowest price you can find, but for a fairly cheap part, it might be worth the extra few bucks to be sure you get the right one.
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that's...that's my car! Hey buddy, I better not see you in my yard!

but seriously, nthing the U-Pull-It angle. I see that color/vintage Acura a lot around here, and they get cracked up a lot lot lot, so the salvage yards should have plenty.
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Response by poster: ok after class I will look up the local pull-a-part yards and see if anyone has an Integra. I called Hendrick Acura and they told me the part was $92 and that they called it Paradise blue/green pearl.
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A couple of thoughts on pull-a-part. It's a great way to get inexpensive parts. If you go there, be sure to take plenty of tools as they generally don't loan tools. It is also a great way to figure out how to de-install and re-install the part, as you have a full-size 3-D picture right in front of you. You get to make your mistakes on the junk car before you tackle your own car.

Next, it looks like the unit includes the lock mechanism. It is unlikely that the junk yard has the key for that lock. You can either take the mechanism to a locksmith and have a new key made before you install it, or you can switch out the lock from your car. Just don't install the replacement handle with the lock that came with it and then slam the door!
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