Can I bring my SO's car to the (DC) inspection station for her?
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My girlfriend's car needs its initial inspection in DC. Can I take it to the inspection station for her?

We're new DC residents. SO just traded in her license and was told to get her car inspected at a DC station. Since she's pretty crunched for time, I'd like to her help her out and take her car to the inspection station. Would I be able to do this? I'm concerned that they would ask for her license or something along those lines. I'd be able to bring in all other relevant documents--insurance, title, temporary tags, etc.

Thanks, Hive!
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In California, it doesn't matter who brings the car in, they just care about the proper identification of the car.
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This seems like an easy question to solve by calling the inspection station in the morning -- presumably they'll know their policies.
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Seconding metahawk: it definitely doesn't matter in California. Once, some jerk straight-up stole my car and got it smogged.

I poked around the DC DMV site and didn't see any requirement for a particular person to take it in (faq link). You should be in the clear, doubly so if you follow brainmouse's advice and call them ahead of time. My money's on them not caring as long as you have all the docs, though.
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Best answer: Before we were married, I took my wife's car to be inspected in DC. No problem. You just give the notice to the guy, he confirms it's the right car, and then they do their inspection business while you wait. I didn't have to show any ID or anything. You are going for the initial inspection, so all this might be a little different, but the point of it all is to test the safety of the car, not the qualifications of the driver.
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Best answer: I've never had the DC motor vehicle inspection people ask for ID or even my name. In fact, I think there used to be a business here that busy people would hire to take their cars in to be inspected for them.
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Response by poster: I tried calling the inspection station, but it's all automated. Sounds like I don't have anything to worry about, though. Thanks, all!
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If your girlfriend's car has tinted windows be careful during the inspection process, they can and will fail you on that and their "friend" will be waiting outside with a helpful offer to remove your tint for a very reasonable price. Be aware that this only seems to happen when he is there, and he will do a very shitty job removing the tint if you opt to let him. Don't be afraid to call bullshit on that if they try it.
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