Julen träd? at IKEA?
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Real Christmas trees at IKEA?

Has anyone gotten a real Christmas tree at IKEA? Specifically, the Bloomington, MN IKEA? Someone told me they had them and they were quite reasonable. I can't find anything on IKEA's website.

If you got one there...is it nice? How much was it? Did the needles fall off a la Charlie Brown's tree? Did you have to put it together with brackets and wooden pegs? (i kid)
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We used to buy our tree at Ikea every year when we lived closer to one. They were comparable in quality to any other trees, and if you brought it back they would recycle it.
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JoanArkham - Cool, thanks. Do you remember how much they were?
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Why don't you just call the store?
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It was ages ago, so I don't recall, but this was in my newlywed poverty days so I'm sure they were cheaper than buying them from a stand. I second calling the store, the website seems to only have general info and I assume not all Ikea stores are selling trees.
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We bought xmas trees at Ikea (Kohoku branch, Tokyo) the last 2 years, they are a little smaller here (100cm) but that is probably more due to the Apartment sizes. Otherwise they are great trees.

However, this year the import did not clear customs due to bugs, so we had to use a different source.

The needles do fall off near the end (it is a Norwegian spruce, so it is supposed to!) and you can buy a tree-stand separately (the first year anyway - you keep it). The alan key is included for free.

2,000yen here, and they give you a 1900 yen coupon to redeem in January, which is nice.
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Thanks all.

I called the number kindly provided by The Michael The and inquired about Christmas trees. The CSR informed me that there were no Christmas trees at IKEA this year. Possibly he meant just the US IKEAs though.
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