Hey, that looks like a face!
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Is there a word for the phenomenon of finding faces in abstract shapes or patterns? (more inside)

I don't mean religious icons in doors or sandwiches specifically, I mean the phenomenon in general of tending to always notice faces in patterns such as marble floors, etc.
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Pareidolia seems to be the word.
There was a FPP about Faces on Places not too long ago.
There was also another FPP about how schizophrenic brains can't see "the Hollow Mask Illusion."
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Apophenia is another word for this— AIUI it refers to the more general tendency to see patterns or structure where there is none, not necessarily faces or familiar sounds.
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You might research the word simulacrum (pl. simulacra). I can't remember exactly what it means and will leave the looking up to you.
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