Help me find the manual for my bike computer.
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What bike computer is this?

I recently purchased a bike at a garage sale. I'm really happy with the bike; the change from my clunker of a mountain bike to this sleek road bike makes a ton of difference in my commute. It came with a bike computer, and I can't figure out how to change from metric to imperial, or how to make sure the wheel measurements are correct. So I'd like to find out what make and model it is, hopefully that will help me find a manual somewhere.
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it's a tough search, but i think it's either a schwinn or a vdo "sgo". i'm leaning toward schwinn, but it's easy enough to send an email and a link to both.
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While I'm 100% sure it wasn't manufactured by them, just branded, it's a "Supergo" which was a chain of bike shops taken over by Performance Bike. It's possible someone there might have some insight. As to VDO, they're an option, but the closest named product they have is a model called the C15 (PDF manual here toward the bottom of the page) and it looks to my eye that the location of the buttons are different.

Sigma makes a ton of these things, and the overall shape of many of their computers is close to yours, but I don't see any offhand that would be a definitive match. The other big manufacturer is Cateye, if you want to poke around with them, but most of their computers look taller and narrower than the Supergo case. Good luck.
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Oh, one other thought - pull the battery cover and battery out, see if there's a sticker, or some verbiage embossed on a plastic surface somewhere - might be a clue to the "real" brand/model...
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You were on the right path, rhizome. The C15 manual that jalexei linked to works perfectly, even though some of the buttons are different. Well done and thanks for the help!
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