Recommend magnetic clips for radio's power cord/antenna?
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Recommend magnetic clips for radio's power cord/antenna?

I have a kitchen under-cabinet cd player/radio. (Sony ICF-CD543RM.) Its power cord doubles as a radio antenna. But FM reception is weak and intermittent depending on time of day. Right now I have the cord stretched horizontally along the backsplash behind the sink to the outlet on the other side of the counter, using adhesive cord clips to keep it out of sight. But depending on the time of day, there's too much static to listen to the radio.

What I'd love to do is put some magnetic clips on the underside of my (metallic) kitchen cabinets to hold the radio's power cord. Then I could move the clips around to put the cord in the least staticky configuration for that time of day, while keeping the cord invisible.

Has anybody ever done this? Are there any magnetic clips that work well for this purpose? And -- here's where I reveal my technical ignorance -- would putting magnets close to the antenna interfere with radio reception?
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Magnets should have no effect on how well or badly an antenna works.
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If you experiment by moving the power cord around, I think you will get the best reception by keeping it away from the wall, cabinet, and other objects. (Antennas like to be in the open air, where they can snag the passing radio waves.) But stringing the power cord out in the open may not be what you have in mind for your kitchen. In that case, you could replace your radio with one that has connections for an external antenna, which will provide you with better reception. You might place an antenna like this one on top of the cabinet.
And the plural of antenna really is antennas, not antennae.
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I think you're going to find the reception improves if you move the unit, and the wires, away from the metal cabinets - Pop it off the screws and try it.

Unfortunately it seems like that unit doesn't have external antenna lugs, or I would suggest installing a separate antenna. As it is, you might consider relocating the radio under non-metal cabinets (If you have any), or investing in a different radio which can take an external antenna.

That having been said, the magnets shouldn't make the reception any worse.
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