Honolulu off the beaten path?
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So kid has a babysitter and the wife and I have a date night tonight in Honolulu. Lived here for five years, looking for something different to experience. We're not looking for tourist/Waikiki stuff or loud, crowded Chinatown clubs. Any suggestions? Mahalo!
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Diamond Head Theater? Dinner and a gallery walk? If you have the cash and inclination, you could go to Kauai for dinner. (I live on Maui.)
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If all you want is a few drinks and relax, as opposed to going to a show or something, the Monterey Bay Cannerry seafood restaurant at Pearlridge sometimes has live musicians on the little stage in their bar. The food there isn't terrible, just kind of, eh.
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I'm late to the game here (hope you enjoyed your date night) but have you tried Brasserie du Vin yet? Great spot -- on Bethel right across the street from the Hawaii theater and very un-Honolulu.
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