I need the name of this small motorized friction toy truck. Please!
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I need the name of this small motorized friction toy truck. Please!

Hi All,

Around 3 Christmas' ago, I saw a small toy trucks sold at Walmart. They were in the same aisle as MatchBox cars. These toy trucks were packaged within a cardboard frame (packaging was around 9" x 5" or so) with a rigid clear plastic cover. There was also an opening in the plastic to permit one to place their finger inside so that one could propel the truck and you would see it move by way of friction...no batteries.

The truck was actually housed inside a circular ring. So when examining it in the store, you pushed the truck from behind and it would begin to scale the ring/surface which it was house in for demonstration purposes. The truck had a low gear motor which allowed it to move at a slow consistent speed yet had a great deal of climbing power due to the low gear ratio.

This truck did not wound back. You simply pushed it firmly forward and it would start to really scale the ring it was contained in. To be clear, the ring was not part of the toy, it was just part of the packaging so that one could see how the truck worked. I think it came to two sizes but the one I remember was about 2.25" long and about 1.5" tall. Lastly, they had robust rubber tires for good traction. Does anyone have any idea as to what this toy truck product and/or series was called? And is it still on the market? Thanks so much.
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I did a search for 'off road friction toy truck' and this looked promising. None of the pictures show the packaging, so you'll have to look and see if any of them match.
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From your description, it sounds like what you're looking for is a flywheel-driven truck, maybe that will help you narrow it down?
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