Help me find this short film...
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Help me find this animated short film about a mother and son living alone in a deserted world after an apocalypse or something because the air is toxic. The mother goes out each day in a gas mask and scavenges for stuff. One day she brings home a tape player and the son listens to it and hears children laughing...

so the next day he goes out against his mothers wishes and he finds a playground. He thinks he hears the children again so he takes off his mask and as the toxic air takes hold he starts to see them and by the time his mom finds him he has passed on. I think it was French.
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Would it be this?
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Wow, that film was really beautiful, and I wouldn't have seen it unless I'd read this post... thanks to both of you. :)
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Oh man. That was so sad.
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when did youtube start playing full-video ads you can't skip? fudge.
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Oh man, I couldn't even watch that whole thing, knowing how it ends. double-fudge. off to hug the kids in their sleep.
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Yeah, wow. That's heartbreaking.
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That was lovely and sad. Thanks for asking, and thanks to cavedirt for answering.
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Oh, wow. That's pretty haunting indeed. Don't miss the last frame after the credits.

In case the YouTube link ever becomes borked for whatever reason, the name of the short film is Replay (not to be confused with at least two other short films from 2007 with the same title). If you're interested, there's a pretty informative interview that Anthony Voisin (one of the creators) did for IT'S ART magazine, where he talks about the inspiration/origins of the short film and the process of making it for a school thesis project. (Also there's a smaller version of the film at that link as well.) What a great group project the film turned out to be! Nice soundtrack, too.

For alternate links to the video: the art school (ESMA) has a site that showcases films made by its 3D animation students and Replay is watchable from there (with English subtitles) -- you have to scroll down a bit in the menu to find it (thumbnail of boy with mask), but hey, no YT ads. It's also available from Voisin's Vimeo page (I couldn't get the English one to work for some reason -- just the French one with no subtitles). However, the videos at those two places don't show the final frame after the credits (at least, I didn't see them).

Thanks, thewalrusispaul and cavedirt.
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The plot also has a lot in common with Bad Boy Bubby.
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Oh wow. Here's to movies and films that make you say "No! Don't!" out loud at 2 am in the morning.
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