Like me, but less hairy.
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If it works, Tria Beauty would change my hairy life. Anybody have any experience with a home laser hair removal gadget?
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Your question intrigued me because I have been thinking about going back to complete some professional hair removal treatments, and they are quite expensive, even for small areas like chin and upper lip. I hadn't heard of the Tria. This article (and it's 4 sequels) describe the writer's experience with it, which was very successful.
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hairfacts.comgenerally has well-researched information about different sorts of hair removal. The author seems to say that home laser gadgets don't work. A quick perusal of the Tria site didn't reveal what kind of laser it is, which makes it hard to evaluate.
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Here is a blog of a woman who thought it was too painful and time-consuming to be practical.
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In this day and age of frivolous product lawsuits I'm actually shocked this product is for sale. I would have thought any laser removal system that actually worked would have a powerful enough laser that there is no way it would be allowed to be used without a professional's supervision.
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Sanka, looks like it takes 2-4x as many treatments as in-office systems.
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There is also a guy chronicling his attempts to eradicate his facial hair.
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Response by poster: After having read the articles, it sounds like, while settings 1-3 are available, the laser isn't very effective on #1. The guy getting rid of his beard says that the pain isn't much different from having it done at the doctor's.
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