Stop my tee's from cracking up!
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How do keep the design on my tee shirts from cracking over time?

I have several tee's with designs on them. Some flat designs, some are raised ink (or whatever) where you can feel the texture of the design on the shirt. All of them begin to crack and some of them start peeling after just a few weeks or months. How do I keep this from happening? I want my tee's to look good longer, not like they're falling apart because the design is wearing out before the shirt does.
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Wash your t-shirts inside out, in cold water. Dry them on low, or hang them to dry.
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Do you put them in the dryer? That will cause the cracking/peeling to happen more quickly. (On preview: what audacity said.) I hang mine to dry, and it helps. It doesn't totally prevent it from ever happening, but at least it extends the life of the design.

I think the only way to really preserve your T-shirts is to hand wash them. Personally, I am willing to hang dry but too lazy to hand wash T-shirts.
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Buy a front-loader. Much gentler on shirts. Also, wash inside-out and don't dry 'em in the dryer. I had a AEG front load (like a Miele) and the dryer runs much cooler than a typical NA dryer because the high-speed washer gets so much water out befor eit gets there.
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Don't wear them as often. And when you do wear them, be careful not to stretch the fabric.
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Wash inside out. Hang dry. If you don't like the stiff feeling hung dry clothes get, you can fluff them in the dryer on low/air for 10 min.

If they've got large patches of solid color, there may not be a whole lot you can do.
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Air dry. That will make the biggest difference.
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