Personal injury lawyer in NYC?
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Can you recommend a personal injury lawyer in New York City? My girlfriend and I (pedestrians) were hit by a reckless taxi driver in November and we intend to sue.

We can't afford to pay out-of-pocket, so it'd have to be a lawyer that makes a cut of the winning. (Not sure what the technical term for that is.)
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You're looking for a lawyer that will take you on contingency.

Also, the NY Bar Association has a legal referral service.
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Super Lawyers.

I actually work for a personal injury lawyer. MeFi mail me if you want info.
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Eh, Super Lawyers guarantees nothing. My wife was hit by a car as she walked across the street and got herself a Super Lawyer who has turned out to be seemingly incapable of returning phone calls or emails for weeks at a time.
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look_busy, true enough. Just suggesting it, because I know a bunch of the attorneys who are on the list, and they are all quite good, and capable of returning calls and emails.
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