What is the best way of finding a replacement housemate for a sharehouse in Melbourne?
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I'm moving out of a two person sharehouse and need to help my ex-housemate find another housemate to replace me on the lease. What are some good sites that we could post advertisements on?

The house is in Melbourne, Victoria. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but my ex-housemate is (probably) looking for:

* Student
* Female
* 20-30 years old.
* Clean
* Quiet

Maybe there's some sites that would be good for that demographic...

Also, what are some non-Internet techniques for advertising the room? E.g., can anyone recommend any Melbourne cafe's etc (near the lower end of Sydney Rd), that have accommodation boards?

Thanks in advance
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In the US, craigslist is the only place for this.
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There's no one central place, as far as I know (Craigslist isn't used much in Australia). A couple of years ago I seem to remember www.realestate.com.au being the most useful. There are several others - googling 'flatmate Melbourne' should find them - some of which you have to pay for.

Readings bookstore in Carlton used to have listings in its window.

Uni campuses would be the other place to stick up signs, though it's the wrong time of year. Some unis have online boards too.
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Response by poster: Cool stuff...yeah, Ironmouth, there's a website here in Australia called "gumtree" which, I've heard, is a tad like craigslist. Checking it out.

Yeah, yeah, I know of Readings, cool stuff, I'll check that out soon.
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If the house is located 'near the lower end of Sydney Rd' then it's ideal for Melbourne Uni students - start with the places they tell students to look.
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Best answer: Lots of universities have websites where people can advertise off-campus housing. I'd call up student services at any universities in the area and ask about that.

You could also get in touch with whoever assists international/exchange students at those universities, because they're always looking for housing too.

Finally, lots of graduate departments/business schools/law schools have listservs. People advertise rooms on mine all the time. I happen to find this kind of annoying, but it seems to work; you could contact those departments and see if they'll allow your ad.

Oh, and I'd also put something up on Facebook with a request that people forward it if they know of anyone looking for a room.
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Seconding Facebook, they have their entire "Marketplace" set up for this and you can even have your friends promote/share whatever it is you're advertising on their pages so it goes beyond your own friends list. You can even technically buy ads that you can then filter by country, groups, interests, keywords.. etc., so you're going beyond Australia if you need to resort to such things.

It will usually list your item in the sidebar on each of your friends' front page so that while they might ignore it, they'll probably scan it and in the event that someone is looking for a place, they'll probably remember yours off the top of their head.
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une_heure_pleine: "Uni campuses would be the other place to stick up signs, though it's the wrong time of year. Some unis have online boards too."

I have no idea how the Australian academic calender works, but here in the US the semester is winding down and they're getting ready for exams. The end of the semester is a great time to try to find a roommate. People hate the one they have, they want to get out of the crazy dorm they're in, the roommate they've had the whole time is going to study abroad and they don't want to chance getting a bunch of foreign exchange students who do nothing but party and eat their food (that happened to one of my friends).
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Hey! I'm moving to Melbourne in February and need a place to live...and I was just about to post an askme about it. Please me-mail me with price, location, etc...

I'm a 32 year old female scientist coming to do a research fellowship for 8-12 months or so.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that Facebook idea is pure genius. Can pretty much pick the demographic you want. It's about 60c per click, but I reckon well worth spending maybe $10-$20 and seeing how many of those end up calling about the room.

emd3737, I sent you a MeFi Mail just then with the details.
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