What is My Old Lady?
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There was an old place (now defunct) in NYC called My Old Lady. What was it when it was open?

I grew up on Long Island and I have this vague memory of my high school economics teacher telling the class that he owned a bar in NYC called "My Old Lady." I remember passing the storefront as a kid, and its sign is famous for being tagged by the graffiti artist Neck Face, but I really don't know what it actually was. Or if I'm just making this whole thing up.

Does anyone remember this joint? Can anyone lend any insight as to what kind of establishment this was? A store? A bar?
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It was a vintage clothing store on 7th Ave. in Chelsea.
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Here's a picture of the facade, with Neck Face tag.
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Yep, it was one block from the corner I grew up on, at the southeast corner of 22nd Street and 7th Avenue. That building got rehabbed a couple of years ago, and the sign's gone now.
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