Which US government programs are managed well and why?
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What are the best well-written and scholarly (read: thoughtful and well-researched, not partisan or propagandistic) books or reports on which US government programs are managed effectively and which poorly, and why?
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Hmmmm, this is a very broad question. But I'll go ahead and make two recommendations:

The Last Colonial Massacre by Greg Grandin and The School for the Americas by Leslie Gill. Both address the CIA's missteps in attempting to bring "democracy" to Central and South America.
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How about publications and reports from the OMB or the CBO?
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While Grandin's work is great, I think cachondeo misinterpreted the question, and the OP is looking for info on the efficiency of agencies. 2nd ZenMasterThis. Here are some older GAO evals I found.
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And here, from the OPM
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Page 10 of this PDF for background/search terms. (I'll stop now)
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GAO is perfect for this stuff.
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GAO high-risk list.
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