Awesome movers, short notice, Greenpoint, Brooklyn? Recommendations?
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Help me send my extra-stressed far-off girlfriend some extra-nice movers on short notice. (This coming Tuesday! Ack!) 1 bedroom apartment w/furniture, fourth floor walkup, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Everything's packed, the truck's already rented, and she has friends to help her unload at the other end, but she needs help loading.

For any future ask-ers who stumble across this question: Rabbit Movers are totally awesome, have come through for the GF in the past, and we can't recommend them enough — but I screwed up and called too late, and they're busy that day. Dang.

Current answer-ers: I mean it when I say extra-nice. First off, my girlfriend's pretty intensely stressed out about the move; and second, I'm about to send a bunch of strange men into her apartment, which is not exactly a soothing experience under the best of circumstances. It would really mean a lot to have some independent confirmation from a real person that these guys are friendly and not-sketchy and good at what they do.
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I really liked College Educated Movers, who I found on craiglist. Nice guys, on time, my stuff was fine upon unpacking. I used them twice, most recently a little over a year ago, and I know two other friends who used them as well and were happy.
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I can't help you pick a mover but when you decide on a company make sure to have a pizza and some snacks there specifically for the movers. Too often service employees (especially those in a manual labor job) have to deal with angry, stressed out people (like your girlfriend!). Pizza, snacks and a few cold drinks will make their day and they in turn will make the day that much more bearable for your girlfriend.
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I can't help with recommendations for a professional mover, but if it really comes down to it, I have several unemployed friends in Greenpoint who would be happy to help your girlfriend load her things into the truck for a small but reasonable fee. I know that's not what you're asking for, but feel free to send me a mefi message if you want and I'll put you in touch with them.
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Just a suggestion that may or may not be appropriate.

High School kids. The football team, perhaps. Call the athletic director. Perhaps they would do it as a fundraiser for the team. The AD would warn them that any bad incidents would be reported.

Treat them with PIZZA!! High School kids will do anything for food.

Good luck.
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I have been moved by Oz several times and each time it went great.
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I've used Edilio Movers from New Jersey - they don't speak the best english, but after two moves using "contract" movers who screwed me over wasting time and over packing everything, I'll never use anyone else. They were super fast and SO nice (and super cheap). The phone # is 347-898-4207

ps - don't forget to tip.
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Thanks all for the recommendations. And thanks Loto and Unred for reminding me of my manners! (I mean it. I feel bad because I'm in another state and can't do anything in person to help things run smoothly — but I CAN order pizza....)

I'll come back in a week and let y'all know how it goes.
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Rabbit came through after all. But thanks anyway for all the suggestions.
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