Bulk printing for bottle labels
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Looking for recommendations for a bulk printing shop for liquor bottle labels.

I'm looking for a good print shop to do some labels for a microdistillery. It'll be a run of about 2000 labels to start with. I'd like to get 3.5x6" or so, and I'd very much prefer roll stock rather than sheets. I'll also want to order online, of course.

Can you tell me about your print shop experiences? Good, bad, or just okay.

I'm comfortable with the design end and I should have no trouble matching whatever file requirements the shop has.
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I order my lables and stickers from ButtonDivas, who as far as I know uses only roll stock. She's great to work with and the lables are like... glossy waterproof stuff. She can also run one and send it to you as a proof, etc.
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