Stimulus and rebate $$ for home weatherization?
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We just had a home energy audit performed on our house, and are preparing to pull the trigger on several thousand dollars' worth of insulating, weather stripping, leak sealing, etc. We're trying to maximize the amount of rebate money we can receive, either through local or federal tax credits, or through stimulus money, NYSERDA or some other source. We're having trouble finding out what exactly is available for the type of work we're having done as NY State homeowners. Any suggestions? Note: we're not interested in low-interest loans or other financing-based incentives.
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DSIRE should have most of what you need. The federal credit is 30% of the improvements, up to a maximum $1500 credit for most things. Windows and appliances have to be Energy Star, HVAC has to meet certain other standards.
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Maybe ask the home energy auditors about what's available in your area?
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Information on NYSERDA's Home Performance Program is available here.
You're eligible for a 10% incentive if the work is done by one of the participating contractors. Federal tax credit information is here.
Rebates from your local utility company will be listed here, although those rebates can't be combined with the NYSERDA incentive.

You can send an email to or call 877-NY-SMART for more information.
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I've worked for the utility in Austin, and it seems that rebates can be available on the federal and local levels, and possibly through manufacturers and installers. It can get pretty confusing, so it's really best to call your local utility to find out what you qualify for because they'll know what's available to you, whether it's handled through them or not.
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