My wife doesn't like the cord on her earbuds...
December 3, 2009 10:24 AM   Subscribe can anyone recommend a pair of earbuds with a cord that looks like a capital y (Y), not a lowercase y (y)?
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A little more detail please... what would the specific differences be between a Y and a y?
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What is your price range? Without any other info, I'd recommend the Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220, which are my favorite in the $50-70 range. (And they have the symmetrical, Y-shaped cord; I hate the asymmetrical cords as well).
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I assume that judomadonna means that the distance from the cable splitting to each of the earbuds is the same, rather than that split happening closer to one earbud than the other. That said, I don't wear earbuds, and am thus useless with an actual answer.
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I use a pair of Sennheiser CX400s, and I love them. Their price varies wildly between $30 and $70.
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Response by poster: Yes, brainmouse is correct, as is helios' terminology ("symmetrical, Y-shaped cord"). Sorry about that, folks.

My price range is $30-50.
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I have some fun skull candy earbuds that work great and are symmetrical.
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In that case, I'd recommend the UE 170s (same brand as above, but a less expensive model).
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err, I meant to say "same brand as my previous recommendation"
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I know exactly what you mean.

I use these Sony earphones and have had them for years. I got mine at Best Buy for $12, and they appear to be even cheaper elsewhere.
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Best answer: My personal favorite is the Head-Direct RE2. I would never have considered them except I wanted something with really great sound quality, discovered these getting good reviews around the web, and then found out how inexpensive they were (compared to a lot of the other units they were compared with). Best headphone purchase I've ever made.
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The one pair of skull candy phones I got were INSANELY DANGEROUSLY LOUD with my ipod. Which isn't particularly loud in general. I ended up dumping them because I was afraid of destroying what little hearing I have left.

I'm not sure if they are all like that, but I'd be careful. Honestly I don't know how they sell them like that. These things were crazy...and I've used a lot of different ones in my time.
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sully75, the ipod I have has a setting for MAX volume in the options or somewhere.
So then when you use the normal adjust the volume, when it looks like its at max, it is in fact only at 40 percent or whatever you set the max volume to previously.
I had to use the setting with the skull candy earbuds too, but they work great.
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The one pair of skull candy phones I got were INSANELY DANGEROUSLY LOUD with my ipod.

My girlfriend has these Skullcandy earphones that are fine with my 2nd gen iPod Shuffle, and (I can only assume since she's never complained) fine with her iPod Nano too.

The earphones linked have a symmetrical cord as required.
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Response by poster: I'm going to give the Head-Direct RE2s a shot. Thanks, pupdog!

And thanks to all who replied! :)
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Gah! Quick piggy back!

What earbuds DO have a-symmatrical cords? The Sonys used to, but they don't any more. I love the a-symettrical cords...
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Many Sennheiser headphones have an asymmetrical cord, crickets (in the MX and CX series, anyway)
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crickets: If they're still sold, I swear by my Razer m100s. Despite the pretty low price, they have good sound and isolation, and are very lightweight. Because they were so cheap, I have several pairs so that I'm less likely to forget one and be without earbuds. I paid about $15 for each pair.
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