Passenger flow per stop on the Shanghai Metro.
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The Shanghai Metro System: I am looking for detailed passenger flow per stop/station.

The automatic turnstyle system must collect the data showing how many passengers leave and enter at every Shanghai metro stop. I wonder is it publically available. In Chinese is fine.
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You might want to check out the research available at the Transportation Cooperative Research Program, I also did a quick search of the Transportation Research Board site and found a paper on pedestrian flow in the Shanghai Metro. There is also the Mineta Institute at San Jose State.

And, the Transit lobbying organization, APTA, has very good resources.
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The best place to check would be Shanghai Metro's website. I don't read Mandarin, unfortunately, and all my attempts to find the information were unsuccessful, but if the figures are public, that's where they would most likely be.
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Great sites - Thanks. I have not yet found the numbers I need yet but with your help I am getting closer.
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