ATM Windfall
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I just went to my corner credit union ATM and made a $15 withdrawal. The machine gave me $80. Reflexively, I went into the branch, and reported it. They were appreciative. Two people virtually raced over to the back of the machine to shut it down.

At the time, it was a no brainer. But I am wondering if, since the receipt I got indicated a $15 withdrawal, and the cameras usually focus and faces, what would the traceability of it have been? I wonder if Diebold might have been stuck with the mistake. . .Maybe my honesty could have been turned into a political act, if Diebold would have lost out on the money. . .
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In all likelihood, the bank would have realized the error eventually and adjusted your account accordingly.
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Your bank machine dispenses 5-dollar bills?
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Response by poster: Well maybe. That scenario was in the back of my mind. ..when they came for the $65 and I had already spent it. But I am wondering how long it was malfunctioning, and people were simply walking away thinking that it was their lucky day.

On preview, bshort, yes. . .this machine dispenses fives, tens and twenties.
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I had this happen to me once, machine was giving out $40 for every $20 withdrawn, but only, if you requested $20 i.e. taking out $100 at once would not get you $200.) The machine was broken for at least 18 hours, in a college town. There was a line for this atm the entire time. I kept every receipt showing $20, had a great time with the extra $300, and my bank never adjusted my account.

Felt like the right thing to do when I was 19, not sure if I would do it now though.

A previous bank I had an account with allowed $5 and $10
withdrawals. Was very nice as you don't always need $20, and the extra usually gets spent.
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I got an extra $20 from a bank machine when the bank was closed once. I called the bank's 1-800 number and told them. I figured they would make the appropriate deduction from my account.

They told me to come into the branch and fill out some forms. I told them I would, but really that's a lot of trouble for them to expect me to go to to correct their mistake.

Anyway, I never went in and they don't seem to have cared.
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Your bank machine dispenses 5-dollar bills?

Uncommon but not unheard of. There's one machine not too far from where I live that even dispenses $1 bills. Whenever I go there I get a non-multiple of $5 just for the novelty of getting $1 bills out of an ATM.
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happened to me once (machine was spitting out an extra two twenties with every withdrawal). my account (and the account of my friend in line who immediately got cash he hadn't intended to get) was never adjusted. but then, this is why all of us get socked with ATM fees. theoretically, it covers these sorts of losses.
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I was with a friend when the reverse happened. He withdrew $200, the machine pushed the bills out, but then it just as swiftly sucked them back into the machine before he could grab his money. At the same time, it DID record that he had withdrawn $200, so he was unable to get any cash at all, that being the withdrawal limit. Which sucked because we were on our way to New Orleans.

Anyway, he had to fill out some forms, and then they traced the transaction and of course found the overage in that day's balance.
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To answer the original question: no, Diebold will not take a hit for the overage (I wish). Your bank would have eaten it.

Though it's been a few years since I worked in the ATM field, I don't ever remember a time where reimbursement for errors was negotiated into the contract.
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Diebold would not have been "stuck with the mistake" -- they've make far larger screwups and it seems to work for them.

But they would have turned around and screwed you, your family, your friends and that guy who held the door open for you last week.
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It seems like this could be caused by the condition of the bills it's dispensing, which is the bank's responsibility anyways.
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Happened to me at a deli in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. Asked for $60, got $160. I called it my lucky day...

Not far from that ATM is a bank whose ATM will distribute CHANGE. I took out $20.13, and received a 20, a dime, and three pennies. Only time I've ever seen THAT.
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Once I had to get $100.00 - the machine spat out $60, the third and final bill being a bit scrunched, and spat out my card, but no receipt.

I tried again, and it gave me a full $100.00

Concerned, I went to my bank to make sure that I hadn't been billed a total of $200.00, and they had NO record of the transaction.

Fortunately for me, my bank was not the owner of the ATM. The manager said that there was nothing he could do, and advised me to keep enough money in my bank account so that the other bank could withdraw it if they traced it to me. `What if they don't?' I asked.
` Then you're lucky' was his reply.

I was never billed for it. It's nice to get a little something back from the bank.
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These stories are all so inspirational. I'm thinking I'm going to hit up some ATMs after work today.
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I hit an ATM once that was giving out US$20 bills from the $5 slot. When I went inside (it was open), and told them, I was yelled at for causing them work by telling them and giving back the extra money.

I switched banks. Figured they didn't want honest customers.
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