I drove that font into the ocean.
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What font do they use in A Softer World?

Is it the same font in the footer as in the main comic?
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By footer do you mean the "e horne and j comeau" and "asofterworld.com" at the bottom? No, that's not the same font as the rest of the comic. Look at the bottom of the "r" and "m," or the top of the "h." The one is serifed, the other isn't.
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Them's nice people that do ASW -- I bet if you were to email Emily and Joey you'd get a reply really quickly.
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main comic = american typewriter ?
not entirely sure.
nebulawindphone is right about the main comic and footer not being the same, though.
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Response by poster: American typewriter is close enough for jazz. Thanks!
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Seconding that you should just ask them, they're very approachable.
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Response by poster: Got a response from Emily on Twitter-- it's LoveLetter TW, for anyone googling in the future.
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