Cheap(er) Manhattan pharmacy?
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Cheap(er) Manhattan pharmacy?

I live in Manhattan and need to have a prescription filled. Problem is, it's not covered by my insurance. I usually go to Duane Reade, but without insurance coverage, it seems pricey (about twice as much as the internet says it should be). I'm hoping it's not just a typical NYC mark-up. Anyone have experience with full-price prescriptions at other pharmacies in Manhattan? No need to get specific w/ the type of drug or anything, just trying to narrow down the number of places I should call.
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I can't really recommend a pharmacy (I use Duane Reade), but did you ask for the generic form of the drug? That's usually half the price of the Big Name.
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In my experience Walgreen's is a liiittle bit cheaper than Duane Reade and CVS.
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Have you checked Target's list of cheap generics here? While there isn't a Target in Manhattan, there is one at the Atlantic Mall which is a short trip into Brooklyn and also one in the Bronx if you're further north. There's also a Costco on 116th St but I don't know if you need a membership to get in.
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You can compare prices for many common drugs based on location here.
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I've read many times that you can get prescriptions (and liquor!) at Costco without being a member -- you can also check the prices online, too. I've never done it myself, but now that I've checked the prices on my drugs, maybe I will. There is nothing in this comment that doesn't look like spam. There's also a Costco at 39th and 3rd in Brooklyn -- but I suppose 116th is better for you.
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I would call your doctor up and ask him if there is a generic version of the drug. If there is not a generic version then ask him if there is another drug that does the same thing. If there is another drug that does the same thing call up your insurance company and ask them if they cover that second drug.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the comments so far. The generic version is still $100+ at Duane Reade. Costco looks promising though.
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I know you can get alcohol at Costco without being a member due to NYS liquor laws. Actually, several states, you can do this with Costco.

If you can get prescriptions without a membership, update this thread please :)
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